Chair Lift Belt

For chairlifts with fixed or automatic damping

The loading belts can be installed on any type of new or existing chairlift construction. They are produced for both fixed and automatic damping chairlifts, and for chairs with 2 to 8 seats.

Our product is also available with a lift system to make it easier for children to sit on the chairs.

Advantages of installation

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Chairlift with fixed damping

nastro fisso
nastro amm. auto

Chairlift with automatic damping

Additional Options

Customize your chair lift belt


Made in stainless steel, fully customizable, and equipped with full LED lighting. Gates can be opened individually or simultaneously.

Side Covers

Resin-coated wood side covers with anti-slip material. The covers are attached to the machine and equipped with a special opening lock.

Improve the hourly throughput with

Lifting system

Specially designed for children under 120 cm tall, this system offers several advantages in terms of increased hourly capacity of the chairlift resulting from fewer slowdowns of the system and lower operating costs due to a reduced need for personnel to assist with loading operations. The lifting of the belt allows easy seating for children, who no longer require the assistance of the loading personnel or any slowdowns. The lifting of the belt can be manually operated by the operator or can occur automatically. Laser measurement devices are installed near the access gates, allowing the loading belt to automatically activate the lift if a person less than 1.20 m tall is entering the system.

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