Special Projects

With us everything is possible!

In addition to producing our product catalog, over the years we have developed proven expertise in implementing special projects upon customer request. These customized projects represent a significant part of our work and reflect our ability to adapt to the specific needs of each client, ensuring unique and high-quality solutions.

Zorb Ball System

Safe, efficient and reliable

A project started in the summer of 2019, resulting in being awarded a project that involved all the world’s conveyor belt manufacturers.

The installation of the conveyor belt for Zorb balls was done in the “snow zone” of the Reem Mall shopping center in Abu Dhabi, an indoor Snow Park with unique winter activities.

The conveyor belt is located next to the Zorb track, used by customers to roll inside transparent inflatable balls down a special slope. The 26,7-meter-long conveyor belt is used to bring the balls back uphill after being used by customers.

Motorized lift

For the transportation of goods

montacarichi Diavolezza Svizzera

Completed in December 2022, this is a freight elevator installed at the Diavolezza cable car top station in Switzerland.

The machine is composed of an inclined plane along which a trolley runs along two parallel tracks and connects an access door at the cable car arrival station with a room adjacent to the restaurant kitchen on the lower floor.

The trolley is operated by a single double-wire winch to ensure optimal movement both uphill and downhill.

The machine was supplied with all the documentation prescribed by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

Automatic Tubing Ramps

Less personnel, more efficiency

In 2022, we created automatic acceleration ramps at the start of a tubing run for an amusement park in the United States.

The tubing run’s starting point consists of a row of 11 ramps, each of which can accommodate 2 tubing donuts simultaneously, for a total of 22 donuts that can start at the same time.

Thanks to the central control panel, a single operator can activate all the ramps.

This system, in addition to increasing attraction satisfaction, allowed the customer to reduce the staff needed to manage the tubing, from 11 to 2 operators.