Universal Cover

Compatible with all conveyor belt models

Thanks to its independent structure, the universal cover is the perfect cover for all conveyor belt models on the market, regardless of the manufacturer and the year of production. The cover is available in Standard, Large, Extra Large, and Mega versions. The Large and Extra Large models have been specifically designed for projects that require more space and can be installed along the entire conveyor belt line or used in combination with another model, only covering the loading and unloading stations to increase the available space for an operator. The Mega cover, on the other hand, is used to cover carpets installed in parallel, with a single large cover.

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Aluminium Doors

Aluminum doors can be added to the cover at the ends of the line. In addition to providing better protection of the carpet from weather agents, the doors also make the plant inaccessible to outsiders. The locking bolts are designed to be locked with security locks. The design of the doors can be customized upon customer request.

Emergency exits

Instead, emergency exits are made of Pvc. This solution is more economical compared to emergency doors, but it assumes that before the carpet is put into service, therefore every morning, all the exits are opened. Safety exits have aluminum tubes that stiffen the Pvc and allow it to be easily rolled up into the upper part of the exit.

Safety doors

To comply with fire regulations and to facilitate any emergency evacuation, the gallery is always equipped with emergency exits according to the distances required by current regulations. The safety doors are made of aluminum and can have horizontal or vertical opening. An air vent window is inserted at the top to allow air recirculation on days with high temperatures. The door is equipped with an unpleasant red handle which, if pressed, activates the opening mechanism of the door.

LED Lights

The cover can be equipped with colored LED lights for evening and night time use. Our LED system has a control unit through which you can set different light shows. The LEDs are installed at the base of each arch to give the maximum result in terms of brightness.

One product

Infinite solutions

It is always possible to customize your dome by replacing the transparent polycarbonate with colored polycarbonate, adding logos, lettering, signs, windows, colored arches, or with a special surface. We offer a wide range of options to customize your cover and make it truly unique and distinctive.

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