A new carpet installed in Colorado

A new Premium model carpet was installed last August in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. It is a 100-meter-long and 810mm-wide carpet covered by a transparent polycarbonate cover.
The Team Service carpet will be integrated into the tubing slope under construction and will be essential to bring customers up to the starting point.
The Premium model represents the top of the range of Team Service conveyor belts, as it uses extremely advanced and innovative technology. It is controlled by a 12.1″ high-brightness, anti-reflective touchscreen. Thanks to the installation of the automatic pump, the tension of the belt is kept constant, depending on the load and outside temperature.


Usage: Skiers transport

Year of production: 2021

Model: Premium

Motorization: 18.5 kW

Belt length: 100 meters

Carpet width: 810 mm

Belt width: Bee Nest

Other Features: colored LED lights along the line