Simplicity for everyone

Extremely simple and intuitive to use, the Start model is available exclusively in a width of 650mm. This model has been specially designed for customers who need a quality conveyor belt, with a maximum length of 42 meters and at an affordable price.

What applications is it most suitable for?

Technical Features

3D start
Reiteralm -

Control panel

On the control panel there is a control panel with a 3D image of the belt. Several LEDs, positioned at the focal points, allow you to view errors that may occur in real time. The presence of an error will automatically make the corresponding LED flash red, indicating the exact point of the anomaly.

Additional Options

Customize your conveyor belt

In addition to the basic model, a series of additional elements can be selected by the customer, in order to create an even more performing and personalized product. They can be requested directly at the time of order, or they can be added as an integration at a later time.

Automatic restart

This system allows the conveyor belt to automatically restart after a temporary stop.

Additional platform

It allows increasing the lateral walkways. It can be installed on the right, left, or on both sides of the conveyor belt, with a variable width.