Conveyor belt

Three models, infinite possibilities

The conveyor belt is an extremely versatile product that can be used to transport people, canoes, inflatable boats, bicycles, and more, with lengths that can exceed 350 meters.

The linear elements used allow for easy and fast installation thanks to their lightweight. The side platforms made of fiberglass, coated with a non-slip material, feature a snap-in fastening system. The PVC side protections are placed along the line to keep the area beneath the conveyor belt clean. The adjustable feet ensure perfect leveling and high stability.

Three different models have been developed to meet the various market needs, called Start, Easy, and Premium.

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The differences of

Three Team Service Models


  • Touchscreen: control panel with LED for error identification
  • Maximum length: up to 39 meters + stations
  • Available width: 650 mm
  • Snow melting system: manual
  • Remote connection: no
  • Automatic Restart: optional
  • Presence detection: optional


  • Touchscreen: 12.1ʺ high-brightness, anti-glare display
  • Maximum length: no limit
  • Available widths: 650, 810 and 1200mm
  • Snow melting system: automatic
  • Remote connection: yes
  • Automatic Restart: yes
  • Presence detection: yes


  • Touchscreen: 3.5ʺ screen
  • Maximum length: up to 180 meters + stations
  • Available widths: 650, 810 and 1200mm
  • Snow melting system: manual
  • Remote connection: no
  • Automatic Restart: optional
  • Presence detection: optional

Main applications

Of the conveyor belt

Ski Resorts

The conveyor belt proves to be extremely useful for the fast and easy transportation of skiers

Ski Schools

A valuable ally in allowing beginners participating in ski lessons to easily ride uphill

Ski Domes

An essential element for uphill transportation in artificial ski facilities

Ski Jumping Facilities

Extremely important for athlete training in ski jumping facilities

Mountain Bike Park

Perfect for the transportation of bicycles and integrable with belt cleaning systems

Amusement Parks

Widely used even during the summer for uphill transportation in water parks


Used for transporting tubing, sleds and other sports equipment

Dry Slopes

An ideal support for uphill transportation in the presence of artificial ski slopes

Sport Facilities

Indispensable in water spots for the ascent of canoes and/or rafts

Rubber belts

The two available models

Top Grip

The Top Grip belt ensures optimal grip in various operating conditions. The lower layer has a special resin finish that makes it waterproof, while the upper layer ensures optimal grip with skis, shoes or boots. The cylindrical surface allows skis to always have a direct support surface on the rubber, even when there is snow on its surface.

Bee Nest

The Bee Nest belt is characterized by its distinctive honeycomb surface. It has good resistance to abrasion, tearing, and high resistance to atmospheric agents. The composition of the weave guarantees an extremely low longitudinal elongation.