Water Conveyor Belt

The essential ally of water sports

The water conveyor belt is a product developed in recent years, which allows canoes and/or rafts for rafting to be transported upstream.

In 2021, an important project was carried out in the Slovak city of Liptovský Mikuláš at the Ondrej Cibak Whitewater Slalom Course, a famous artificial whitewater facility for international canoe slalom competitions, where the two multi-award-winning Olympic, world, and European champions Elena Kaliská and Michal Martikán train.

It is a conveyor belt that is 6,5 feet wide and 164 feet long, powered by a 20 hp motor, installed with a unique slope in the world of 21%, which allows canoes and rafts to be transported from the arrival basin to the starting one.

The profile is strongly reminiscent of an inverted “U,” with a rising line along the first 131 feet and a descending line along the last 49 feet.

By eliminating the strenuous uphill climb, all water sports enthusiasts, from beginner children to high-level athletes, can now focus entirely on optimizing their technique and truly enjoy the great waves, passages, and jumps that the course offers.