An unparalleled technological evolution

The Premium model represents the top-of-the-line of Team Service conveyor belts. Premium lift systems can reach lengths of over 1.312 feet and are available in three widths (25,6″, 31,9″, and 47,5″). The model is distinguished by its extremely advanced and innovative technology. There are indeed multiple software functions available, controllable directly from the touchscreen located upstream of the system.

What applications is it most suitable for?

The Premium model has no usage limits. It is indeed the ideal solution for any type of need, from simple to more complex ones.

Technical Features

Command Column and Touchscreen

The control column is the fundamental and distinctive component of this model. It has a 12.1″ anti-glare, high-brightness touchscreen installed on it, which, when not in use, is protected from the weather by a lift-up cover.

From the touchscreen, you can manage the multiple functions of the system easily and immediately check for any malfunctions.

From the home page, you can choose or modify the language and speed of the system, display data such as the current day and time, outside temperature, rubber belt voltage, amperage, consumption, and engine temperature.

The software

The main functions and features

Additional Options

Customize your conveyor belt

In addition to the basic model, a series of additional elements can be selected by the customer, in order to create an even more performing and personalized product. They can be requested directly at the time of order, or they can be added as an integration at a later time. Here are some of the most relevant options to choose from.

Automatic pump

Once the desired pressure for the belt is set on the touchscreen, based on the load on the belt and the outside temperature, the pump automatically increases or decreases the pressure, always keeping it constant.

Tension carriage pressure

Thanks to the installation of a digital pressure switch, it is possible to monitor the tensioning pressure directly from the operating software homepage.

Tension carriage position

By installing a laser, it will be possible to control the exact position of the tension carriage.

Camera system

A camera system can be installed for the surveillance of the conveyor belt. This system proves to be extremely useful in order to control the belt without the help of an operator, thus saving the cost of personnel.

Rotating brush

A rotating brush can be installed under the drive roller and cleans the surface of the belt from any snow that accumulates. The brush is also important in case of summer use to clean the belt from dirt and mud. In this special configuration, in addition to the brush, a tube with nozzles that spray water on the surface of the belt is installed, making washing easier.

Secondary touchscreen

A secondary touchscreen allows controlling the carpet from another point of command, allowing to perform the same operations as the main touchscreen, without the need to dedicate an operator exclusively to its control.
The use of a secondary touchscreen is subject to the installation of a camera system.

Additional platform

It allows increasing the lateral walkways. It can be installed on the right, left, or on both sides of the conveyor belt, with a variable width.


It serves to pace the ascent on the conveyor belt and is recommended on belts longer than 492ft to respect the minimum distance between users.

SMS notification

In case of sudden shutdown of the system, it is possible to receive an SMS alert on one to twelve mobile phones, informing about the conveyor belt shutdown and the related error encountered.